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March 30, 2013
Entry fee of $25

The MudCoast Rally is a road rally designed to utilize as many B level maintenance and gravel roads in rural Iowa as possible.

Conditions may be wet, cold and muddy and everyone should dress accordingly. Vehicles should be equipped to handle adverse road conditions including mud, snow, ice, gravel, cow pies, etc. Level B maintenance roads can be dangerous and drivers should at all times drive within their vehicles limits and their own abilities. B Level and gravel road conditions vary greatly and some vehicles may find some roads impassable.

Be ready for an awesome event with a big ol country party at the end! Including the exclusive MudCoast Mud hole, and a bonfire!

We will have a grill set up so bring 10 bucks for food! and of course BYOB.

Lets kick this rally season off right!

please come prepared a few suggested items include:
-tow straps
-all terrain tires/mud tires
-Clothes/shoes to get muddy in (WE WANT TO SEE SOMEONE GET IN THE MUD THIS YEARl)
-Clean clothes/shoes for dinner
-A big old smile on your face